Kalamazoo – Chicago Ave.

Contact Info:


537 Chicago Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49048

Men’s Security Office: 269-382-4091
Women’s Security Office: 269-382-4264
Fax: 269-382-4604

Residential Programs:

  • Standard Residential
  • Work Release/Substance Abuse
  • Drug Court
  • Special Alternative to Incarceration
  • Federal Beureau of Prisons/U.S. Probation and Pre-Trial Services
  • Domiciliary Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Transitional Housing

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Todd Maurer, Program Director

Todd Maurer has been with KPEP since 2008. Todd began his career as a Resident Coordinator. Todd is a proud alum of Western Michigan University, Todd graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. His career at KPEP began with a part time Resident Coordinator position in 2008. Next he proceeded to full time a Resident Coordinator position in 2009, then was promoted to Counselor in 2010. While working as a Counselor Todd worked predominantly at the Olmstead Rd. facility and worked with the Residential Sex Offender Program participants. Todd was promoted to Senior Counselor at the Chicago avenue facility in early 2018 and was named the Men’s program Program Manager on October 1, 2018.

Stacey Thompson, Female Program Manager

Stacey Thompson graduated from Western Michigan University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Stacey completed her WMU internship at the Olmstead KPEP in January of 2008. After her internship she was hired as a Resident Coordinator. She was promoted to Case Manager in 2010 and soon thereafter became the Federal Case Manager. In 2012 Stacey was promoted to Program Manager at the Park Street facility. Stacey is a member of the Kalamazoo Downtown Lions Club.Phone: 269-903-0564E-mail: sthompson@kpep.com

Albertson, AmyTherapist269-382-4264aalbertson@kpep.com
Boshaw, KarrieGroup Facilitator269-382-4264kboshaw@kpep.com
Boughton, SherryCounselor269-903-0545sboughton@kpep.com
Brady, AliciaAdmissions Coordinator269-903-0547abrady@kpep.com
Doan, MaryCounselor269-903-0563mdoan@kpep.com
Gabriel, CarolynTherapist269-903-0558cgabriel@kpep.com
Guy, MattCounselor269-903-0538mguy@kpep.com
Grimaldi, BridgetCounselor269-903-0554bgrimaldi@kpep.com
Maurer, ToddMen's Program Manager269-903-0552tmaurer@kpep.com
Murphy, JosephCounselor269-382-4091jmurphy@kpep.com
Payne, DamionCounselor269-903-0528dpayne@kpep.com
Peterson, ChadLead Resident Coordinator269-382-4091cpeterson@kpep.com
Preuss, RollieOutreach Director269-903-0534rpreuss@kpep.com
Surdy, AlisonTherapist269-903-0547asurdy@kpep.com
Thompson, StaceyWomen's Program Manager269-903-0564sthompson@kpep.com
Terberg, AmandaClinical Supervisor269-382-4264