Family Health Center brings mobile healthcare services to KPEP

Family Health Center's Mobile Health Clinic

Family Health Center’s Mobile Health Clinic

Recently, we began partnering with the Family Health Center of Kalamazoo to provide health services for our residents. Staff from the FHC’s Mobile Health Clinic began visiting our Chicago Avenue facility to provide services for all three KPEP locations in Kalamazoo.

The Mobile Health Clinic is a 40-foot long, 300 square foot doctor’s office. This clinic on wheels has a waiting area where patients check in, a bathroom and three exam rooms. The staff of three healthcare providers is able to provide preventative care and most primary healthcare services.

The value of this partnership is immeasurable. Not only do the residents benefit by having weekly on-site access to a healthcare provider, but we are looking long term at the community benefits as well. With the preventative services and education provided, we believe our residents will be able to make better informed healthcare decisions. This will help them succeed, not only while on probation or parole, but long into their futures as healthy and productive citizens of our community.