News Article: At Vine’s Walnut & Park Cafe, KPEP takes on-the-job training to the next level

KPEP’s job training program at Walnut & Park Cafe was recently featured in Southwest Michigan Second Wave’s On the Ground Vine Neighborhood series:

Before participating in the Kalamazoo Probation Enhancement Program’s (KPEP) vocational training, Jen Heath liked coffee, but didn’t buy “fancy espresso drinks.”

Following her KPEP food service training two years ago, Heath, in recovery from a nearly 20-year addiction, was hired as a full-time barista at Walnut & Park cafe, Vine’s newest coffee shop. She not only regularly serves up mochas and Americanos, she is also perfecting her latte art to the delight of her customers.

Heath says KPEP “saved my life.”

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