KPEP began in the fall of 1980 to provide a live-in residence for those individuals who need more structure than regular probation provides, but where extended jail time is not judged necessary. The goal of KPEP is to show the residents that they can become independent, contributing members of the community.

The organization works closely with all aspects of the criminal justice system, including local law enforcement departments, corrections and probation departments, and various circuit court judges.

There is much support from the KPEP Board, neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations and the various businesses in the communities who have hired KPEP residents as employees, giving the residents a chance to prove their worth.
Chairperson - Karla Campbell The Connable Office, Inc.
Vice-Chairperson - Honorable Vincent Westra Kalamazoo County District Court Judge
Treasurer - Glen Kellam Plan 4 Financial Design
Secretary - Honorable Alexander Lipsey Kalamazoo County Circuit Court Judge
- Timothy Bourgeois, Kalamazoo Township Police Chief
William A. DeBoer President/CEO
Mary Delehanty Retired, Attorney-at-Law
Michael Dombos, Vine Neighborhood Association/Attorney-at-Law
Honorable Samuel Durham, Calhoun County District Court Judge
Richard Fuller, Kalamazoo County Sheriff
Jeff Getting, Kalamazoo County Prosecuting Attorney
Donna Innes, Attorney-at-Law
Lisa Johansen, Michigan Department of Corrections
Tom Ouding, Retired, Leet Electric
Honorable Angela Pasula, Berrien Trial Court Judge
Dave Riley, Calhoun County Probation Supervisor, Michigan Department of Corrections
Don Webster, Assistant Chief, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety
Jessica Whaley, Calhoun County Parole Supervisor, Michigan Department of Corrections