United by Storytelling, Music and Laughter

KPEP is fortunate to have the commitment and support of many volunteers. Thanks to one of our volunteers, we were able to schedule a special presentation for the residents at Chicago Avenue. 

On December 11, residents attended the Recovery Live Tour presented by Unite To Face Addiction Michigan (UFAM). UFAM’s mission is “Creating strength in unity to: eliminate addiction stigma, improve access to treatment, support prevention and promote recovery from addiction through advocacy, education and outreach.”  

The Recovery Live Tour featured several guest speakers: author and life coach, Katie Donovan, former NFL player, Randy Grimes, singer/songwriter, Joe Jaber and world-renowned comedian, Mark Lundholm. The line up was flawless. Katie started the show by sharing her journey and struggles with being a mother of a heroin addict. Joe went next and shared his story through music. He sang about his youth and also losing family members to addiction. Randy shared his story about having it all while in the NFL, but eventually losing it all due to addiction. Mark was the last to present and his comedic performance had our residents crying with laughter. The show was the perfect balance of stories, music and laughter. 

Jessica, a resident of KPEP, wrote: “It was an extremely emotional and heartfelt presentation, it touched my whole soul.” 

Thank you to our volunteers, UFAM and their special guests. The KPEP residents and staff appreciate your dedication in assisting our residents through the recovery process.