President’s Update

New positions announced

As a result of strategic planning and expected growth in 2018, we are pleased to announce the following staffing changes:

Ann Webb moves from Director of Treatment Services to Vice President – Treatment Services/Program Development. We’ve strengthened our treatment department and now have five clinical supervisors. In addition to overseeing treatment services and contracts, Ann will be responsible for developing and implementing these programs.

KPEP has a long history of implementing evidenced based programs and practices.  Last March at the Walnut & Park Café, Governor Snyder signed legislation requiring that all MDOC programs be evidenced based. This means not just having evidenced based programs in place, but also making sure they are implemented correctly. We are fortunate to have a leader like Ann take the reins in this area.

Jim Edwards moves from Chief Operations Officer to Vice President – Residential Services.  Jim’s focus will be on our six residential facilities. That includes programming, standards and accreditation and vocational training.  Jim’s chief responsibility is to make sure we are in compliance with all of our policies and procedures and that residents are completing all of the program requirements prior to graduation.

It is important that participants learn, grow and change their thinking and behavior while in KPEP. Each person should leave with tools that will enable him or her to be successful and live a life free from continued criminal activity. Jim’s strong commitment to this goal has always guided his work here at KPEP.

Taking Jim’s position in a more traditional role of Chief Operations Officer is Lindsay Marshall.  Lindsay’s previous title was Systems Administrator where she had the responsibility of all of the technology used at KPEP. We are combining finance, personnel and systems under the new COO position as there is so much overlap in these three areas. The complexities of all of our administrative requirements requires the consolidation of these tasks under one person. We are very pleased that Lindsay has agreed to step into this leadership role.

As we move forward, growing and taking on new challenges, we will continue to evaluate the leadership roles and responsibilities, putting the right people in the right seats and setting both them and the organization up for success.

New program partnership

We are very excited about the new West Side Alternative Prison (WRAP) program that began January 2nd in the Eaton County Jail. The MDOC is contracting with KPEP for services for up to 50 men sentenced to the program as a result of a probation violation and as a “last chance” before going to prison. We are currently working with the MDOC on this same program in Wayne County in the Detroit Re-Entry Center. WRAP utilizes both vocational training and cognitive behavioral therapy. More details on this program can be found in the WRAP article in this newsletter.